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​The team at SZABO CARPENTRY received their training in Budapest, Hungary and immigrated to Canada in 2010 where they have been able to easily integrate into the renovation and construction community in the great Metropolis of Toronto. Here, they bring their precision and special attention to all details to each and every one of their projects. In Toronto, they quickly familiarized themselves with renovation and construction supply companies and developed excellent working relationships with them. This ensures that their projects receive the best materials in a timely manner and at great prices. 

David and Tivadar have always had a passion for creating amazing items out of simple pieces of wood. They love using their creativity to bring to life the ideas that they have drawn up with their clients. 

Their special attention to detail, excellent work ethic and strong personal beliefs regarding customer service have allowed David and Tivadar to build a strong client base with repeat referrals and has brought them many great projects all around the Greater Toronto Area. 

For all of your wood working needs, do not hesitate to contact SZABO CARPENTRY.

Unless otherwise requested, we use BLUM® hardware on all of our projects. Time and time again they prove to be the most reliable. 

After preliminary consultations and site measurements we create drawings of your project to give you an idea of what the end result will look like. 

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